Recruiting Opportunity Landlords: Lessons from Landlords in Maryland (PRRAC & Mobility Works, June 2020)

Jennifer E. Cossyleon, Philip ME Garboden, & Stefanie DeLuca, June 2020.

Excerpt: “The report is divided into two sections. First, we use our data to discuss landlords’ perspectives on housing vouchers generally. We discuss the benefits of participation in the program articulated by many of our landlord respondents, noting that even the standard HCV program works well for some landlords by providing a reliable stream of revenue protected from the vicissitudes of the labor market. We affirm earlier findings related to the challenges faced by housing programs looking to expand opportunity for voucher families (Garboden et al. 2018). In the second section, we describe the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program (BHMP), which is administered by the Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership (BRHP). We discuss the steps BRHP has taken to overcome landlord resistance to voucher acceptance and assist thousands of families to move to low-poverty neighborhoods. We conclude with several policy recommendations that can help mobility programs across the country achieve their mission of racial and economic desegregation by recruiting landlords in opportunity areas to rent to tenants with housing vouchers.”

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