Mobility Participant Leadership

At Mobility Works, we have increasingly prioritized opportunities for participants of Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) and housing mobility programs to advocate, educate, and lead. We have organized participants around the country, supported them to develop policy messaging based on their experience, and introduced them to audiences that have the power to put this input to use. With this support, they have addressed policymakers directly about experiences in the HCV program, such as the discrimination they’ve faced while seeking housing, and they’ve used their expertise to share ideas for program improvement.

One participant shared, after a meeting organized by Mobility Works with federal officials, that she had been surprised to feel that these distant people—who make far-reaching decisions that affect her family—had actually listened. She felt newly confident that her advocacy could make a difference for HCV tenants everywhere.

In addition to helping participants plan and deliver the policy critiques and solutions that are most important to them, we create opportunities for them to share their expertise at conferences and as part of Mobility Works trainings and other programming. We compensate them for their efforts in acknowledgement that their perspectives are vital, and their labor is valued.

Stay tuned for exciting new participant leadership opportunities currently in development.

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