Other Housing Mobility Resources

We encourage you to take a look at housing mobility-related resources from around the field. Here are a few highlights, and please get in touch with us if you find a key resource not listed here that could be beneficial to the Mobility Works community.

US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Housing Mobility and the Community Choice Demonstration

Brandeis University Heller School, diversitydatakids.org, The Child Opportunity Index, From Redlining to Child Opportunity, and The Geography of Child Opportunity: Why Neighborhoods Matter for Equity

Opportunity Insights, Opportunity Atlas and Neighborhoods ResearchCreating Moves to OpportunitySocial Capital ISocial Capital II

Urban Institute, Why Housing Matters for Upward Mobility: Evidence and Indicators for Practitioners and Policymakers, 2021

Poverty & Race Research Action Council, Poverty & Race Journal: Reflections on Social Capital, Integration, and Upward Mobility, 2022

NYU Furman Center Housing Solutions Lab 

NYU Furman Center, The Dream Revisited Series, Discussion 8: Neighborhoods, Opportunities, and the Housing Choice Voucher Program, 2014

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and Poverty & Race Research Action Council, Where Families with Children Use Housing Vouchers: A Comparative Look at the 50 Largest Metropolitan Areas, 2019


“I learned the exact words to say to a realtor when looking for a place as far as how to incorporate that I have a Housing Choice Voucher, and to present myself as a confident, educated tenant.”

Housing Mobility Participant

“The mobility program, I truly believe was a godsend. What I mean in saying that is that I now had support, educated support. The organization was able to not only help me to find housing, but also to educate me on how to self-advocate.”

Housing Mobility Participant

“It has been a blessing that the program helped me and my family out with a better community and helped with rent and a great start. Thanks to the program I feel less stress, relief.”

Housing Mobility Participant

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