Advocating for Housing Mobility and Improvements to the HCV Program

In our drive to advance housing mobility, we currently focus on three main areas of work: technical assistance, field-building, and advocacy. Advocacy is an important tool to address our concern with increasing self-determination and opportunity for low-income families, particularly those participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program. We advocate for local, state, and federal policies and do so with a variety of collaborators. In addition to our independent policy advocacy with our advocacy committee, we work with mobility participant leaders, members of our Housing Mobility Network, and many other colleague organizations that are pushing for housing equity and related issues.

Issues on which we have recently been active include:

  • Funding for Housing Choice Vouchers and housing mobility programs
  • Increased participant voice in Housing Choice Voucher policy and housing mobility programs
  • Flexible use of Housing Assistance Payment funding for security deposits and apartment holding fees
  • Expanded adoption of Small Area Fair Market Rents
  • Strengthening the Section Eight Management Assessment Program to incentivize housing mobility efforts
  • Ensuring that the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule promotes housing mobility

Support the Mobility Works Participant Leadership Program

Donations made through July 1 will go to our new program to develop mobility participant leadership nationally—in policy advocacy, field building, and program direction.