Chelsee, Massachusetts

My family is comprised of me and my 4-year-old daughter. When I enrolled in the SNO Mass program, I was living in a very unsafe, crime-ridden neighborhood. I always planned to move out of there; however, with high rents and landlords in nice towns being unwilling to rent to tenants with Section 8, I didn’t think it was possible. I decided to participate in SNO Mass because I really wanted to move somewhere safer for my daughter to grow up with better schools. I relocated to Pembroke in June of 2023. I live in a beautiful apartment complex surrounded by woods. My neighbors are quiet, and the neighborhood is very safe. My daughter’s new pre-K school is in a quiet area surrounded by woods. Her last school was in a bad area. I feel much better having her in a school located in a safe neighborhood. The best part about the SNO Mass program is my coordinator, Tamy. She really cares and has been super supportive. I’m immensely grateful for SNO Mass and everything they have done for me and my daughter. Also, I almost forgot to mention that since moving to Pembroke my daughter started Tae Kwon Do. SNO Mass provided financial assistance so she could take those Tae Kwon Do classes. She loves it and has made some friends there, I feel so blessed to be able to give my daughter a safer, more stable childhood and a better chance in life. I could not have done it without the help I’ve gotten from the mobility program.

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