Our Team

Housingmobility.org is sponsored by the “Mobility Works” team of housing mobility practitioners, researchers, and policy experts who have come together to promote best practices in housing mobility, to help families with Section 8 vouchers who want to move out of high poverty neighborhoods to communities with high performing schools and other opportunities.

The Mobility Works team includes the Poverty & Race Research Action Council (PRRAC), the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and staff from three leading housing mobility practitioners – the Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership, Housing Choice Partners (Chicago), and the Inclusive Communities Project (Dallas). We will provide free technical assistance in selected jurisdictions, to help set the foundation for successful housing mobility programs, and we are also available to contract for technical assistance to PHAs and state or local government agencies.

Contact ptegeler@prrac.org for more information.

Phil Tegeler
Poverty & Race Research Action Council

Email: ptegeler@prrac.org
Website: www.prrac.org

Barbara Sard
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Email: sard@cbpp.org
Website: www.cbpp.org

Demetria McCain
Inclusive Communities Project (Dallas)

Email: dmccain@inclusivecommunities.net
Website: www.inclusivecommunities.net

Christine Klepper
Housing Choice Partners (Chicago)

Email: cklepper@hcp-chicago.org
Website: www.hcp-chicago.org

Alison Bell
Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership

Email: abell@brhp.org
Website: www.brhp.org