Mobility Works is a consortium of nonprofit groups, researchers and policy experts that works to help low-income families move from poor, segregated neighborhoods into diverse communities with high performing schools.

Why housing mobility is important

“Mobility Works” uses its experience and resources to help housing agencies and non-profits build regional housing mobility programs.

Bring HousingMobility/ MobilityWorks to your community

Housing mobility programs give families access to more housing choices, safe neighborhoods, good schools, better jobs and long-term health outcomes.


Our consortium includes mobility assistance programs in Baltimore, Chicago and Dallas.

Hear directly from Dallas, Texas renters who want to use their housing choice vouchers to move their families into quality neighborhoods with great schools, low crime and access to job centers.

4 million+

Each year, more than four million acts of discrimination occur in the rental market alone.


21.9 percent of Hispanics who applied for a conventional mortgage were denied, while only 10.4 percent of white applicants were denied.

2 million+

More than 2 million low-income households use Housing Choice Vouchers to afford modest, stable housing.


77 percent of very low-income renter households in the United States pay too much for rent and do not receive a voucher or other federal rental assistance.

The StoriesRead our collection of personal stories that highlight unique experiences with housing mobility

A Better Place: Two Approaches to Reducing Concentrated Poverty

Willa Seldon and Debbie Bielak / 02/07/2017 01:54 pm ET The Huffington Post  
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Bringing Proven Housing Mobility Opportunities to Low-Income Families

Watch our 90-second “big idea” for the MacArthur 100+Change competition:  bringing housing mobility to scale in a dozen highly segregated metro
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Latest Resources
Creating Mobility from Poverty: An Overview of Strategies
David Ellwood, Mary Bogle, Gregory Acs, Kelly S. Mikelson, Susan J. Popkin | August 25, 2016
Rooms for Improvement: A Qualitative Metasynthesis of the Housing Choice Voucher Program
Erin Graves | Housing Policy Debate 2016
Neighborhoods of Opportunity: Developing an Operational Definition for Planning and Policy Implementation
Kelly L. Patterson, Robert Mark Silverman, Li Yin, Laiyun Wu | March 2016
Housing Voucher Mobility in Cuyahoga County
Lenore Healy & Michael Lepley | February 2016
Upcoming Events

The orientation session was a prime example of what MBQ has to offer: workshops, individualized assistance, and resources.

Housing Mobility Webinar:
Join us for a HUD-sponsored webinar on regional housing mobility, Thursday, September 22, 2016 1:00 to 2:30 pm, Eastern Daylight Time. Register Here
MIT Series on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing:
We are participating in this in-depth fall speaker series on October 18, 2016 in Cambridge; for a list of dates, Click Here
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