On June 2, 2021, Mobility Works released the following statement concerning President Biden’s commitment to expand housing opportunity as reflected in his FY22 budget proposal.

“As a consortium of organizations dedicated to helping low-income families use housing subsidies to access neighborhoods that provide greater opportunities, we know that housing mobility disrupts cycles of poverty by assisting families with low incomes with transitioning from uninvested, racially segregated neighborhoods into communities that offer resources for educational and economic gain. Housing mobility is a tool for increasing housing choice and advancing racial equity for those in communities that have long been denied sufficient resources that support their overall quality of life.

“In this unprecedented time of great racial upheaval, calls for social change, and economic uncertainty threatening to consign hundreds of thousands of households to poverty, federal funding for programs that help all families thrive are of the utmost importance to help restore and heal our communities and the nation. We are pleased to see President Biden’s commitment to expanding housing opportunity and addressing racial equity, as reflected in his FY22 budget. From expanding the Housing Choice Voucher Program to support 200,000 more families to investing $491 million for mobility-related support services, the Biden administration has shown an understanding and commitment to housing as the foundation for a healthier and resilient country.

“Our values are reflected in how we choose to invest our public dollars, and we are optimistic for a better future as equity in housing is prioritized by our leaders. We look forward to working with our partners in this housing effort to create the access and opportunity so many families need to realize their American Dream.”


About Mobility Works

Mobility Works is a consortium of nonprofit groups, researchers, and policy experts that works to help low-income families move from high poverty, segregated neighborhoods into diverse communities with high-performing schools. Our members include the national civil rights policy group PRRAC, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and the personnel of three leading housing mobility practitioners: Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership, Housing Choice Partners in Chicago, and Inclusive Communities Project in Dallas.