Chanttani Schrock

Chanttani Schrock is based in the Dallas area and currently works as an executive assistant at a large insurance company, where she supports six sales leaders. She holds a degree in paralegal studies and is a self-taught housing voucher advocate and an active member of the Inclusive Communities Project’s client advisory board.

Chanttani is the founder of the CY3 Consulting Firm, which helps clients create budgets, build and repair credit, and more. She is also the founder of the Facebook Group: “Housing Choice Voucher (FORMERLY Section 8) Empowerment and Prosperity Group” and the proud mother to her only daughter who is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree at an out of state HBCU.

She has the gift of empathy, radiates joy in any room that she is in, and has a servant’s heart. She has always had a passion for helping others, but it was not until her own unfortunate experience as a Housing Choice Voucher recipient, that she had enough of the “legal” discrimination against her family that it lit the fire for her to speak out and to speak up for other voucher holders who were afraid.

Chanttani aspires to educate, empower, and help voucher participants evolve toward self-sufficiency while taking full advantage of what the program offers. She also seeks to educate landlords on the benefits of renting to voucher participants and to remove the negative narrative behind “Section 8”.