Andrea Juracek (HCP)

Andrea Juracek has advocated for fair, equitable, and affordable housing solutions to racial and economic segregation in the Chicago region for over a decade. As Executive Director of Housing Choice Partners, Andrea provides strategic leadership of the organization’s housing mobility, rental support, and policy advocacy programs. Prior to HCP, Andrea served as Deputy Director of HOPE Fair Housing Center in Wheaton, IL, where she advised on fair housing investigations and complaint filings, and assisted with program and organizational management. Andrea has also managed fair housing enforcement, education, and consulting programs at multiple area nonprofit organizations. She has provided fair housing-related training and mobility consulting to a wide variety of housing industry and government agency officials. Andrea is trained in conflict resolution and thoroughly versed in fair housing law. She is currently Vice President of the Chicago Area Fair Housing Alliance Board of Directors. Andrea received her BA in Women’s Studies from DePaul University and her MA in Contemporary History from the University of Bristol, UK.