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HUD re-designated The San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) as a Moving to Work agency in 2009, and SDHC has implemented a number of rental assistance programs to support San Diegans with housing vouchers.

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Once determined eligible to receive a voucher, applicants must attend a briefing on the program to explain the lease-up process and their programmatic responsibilities – sessions are available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. These briefings also emphasize the advantages of moving to a low-poverty neighborhood and offer information on various communities.

Funded through housing choice voucher federal funds, SDHC offers mobility counseling and provides information about SDHC mobility resources in the community. SDHC uses exception payment standards and has a security deposit loan program with 0% interest for its clients, we compare lenders so we give clients the best option. SDHC also assists participants with completing paperwork, if necessary, as well as negotiating contract rents with the owner. Beyond rental assistance, SDHC organizes a homeownership program.

For eligible HCV holders who have rented for at least a year, this program includes courses on finding a home, negotiating a price, and managing finances. Through SDHC’s Choice Communities program, HCV holders move to low-poverty neighborhoods in the City of San Diego that offer a broader selection of schools and more employment opportunities. SDHC defines its opportunity areas as zip codes with poverty rates below 10% and with minimal vouchers leased in the area. SDHC lists nine Choice Communities by their zip code. The SDHC supports 15,156 low-income families with housing choice vouchers through a wide-range of programs.With the support of this program, 290 families have moved from high- and medium-poverty areas into Choice Communities.