Who & What Housing Mobility DoesMobility Works: A Nonprofit Technical Assistance Consortium

Who are we?

Mobility Works is a consortium of nonprofit groups, researchers and policy experts that works to help low-income families move from poor, segregated neighborhoods into diverse communities with high performing schools. We do so by teaming up with housing authorities and charities to develop regional housing mobility programs.

Our members include the national civil rights policy group PRRAC, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the staffs of three leading housing mobility practitioners:

“The housing mobility program has given me and my children a better
and healthier environment for us to grow.”
– Housing Mobility Participant

What do we do?

Advice and Technical Assistance

We offer public housing authorities and local partner agencies an array of advice and technical assistance, some of which is free and some of which costs a small fee.

Analyze Housing Authorities’ Policies

We will analyze housing authorities’ policies and help them apply for federal and local funds to start mobility programs.

Train Staff to Find the Safest Places

We will train staff on how to help families find the safest places to live and how to reach out to landlords in those quality neighborhoods.

Help Produce Staff Training Material

We help produce staff training material, counseling materials and maps showing the areas in a particular region where there are the most opportunities for families that receive housing choice vouchers.